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CIP 4021H - Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Well No. 7

Status: Current project

Project Category: Water

Project Estimated Cost: $4,290,000

Project Description

A 2012 JWC test well, (aka ASR 7), at the Cooper Mountain Reservoir site, was transferred by the JWC to City ownership. During 2020-21 the well will upsized to a larger diameter and a pumping station will be built to store allow for up to 200 million gallons of City drinking water in the underground aquifer. The stored drinking water will be pumped out at a rate of 1.3 mgd. The water pumped out will supply for the City’s upper elevations, with the ability to fill existing Cooper Reservoir #1, and future Cooper Reservoir #2 at the same site. The ASR 7 well is expected to be operational in 2022.

Project Manager(s)

Jorge Miranda, 503-526-2488
Lakshmi Dhanapal, 503-526-3720

Project Schedule

The 14-inch diameter test well was drilled by the JWC in 2011 as a test well for a future JWC partnership. The future ASR 7 is estimated to have a pumping capacity of 1.0 million gallons per day (mgd) when fully developed. The ASR storage capacity is estimated to be 250 million gallons.
FY18-19: Perform well maintenance and testing of ASR 7.
FY 19-20: Complete testing and provide test results.
FY 20-21: Complete development of ASR Well No. 7.
FY 21-22: Construction of ASR Mechanical Building and ASR Well No.7, including a CMU-style building, a deep well vertical turbine pump, and a standby generator with external fuel storage tank.
FY 22-23: Construction to be completed in 2022.

Project Justification

ASR 7 serves as an alternate resilient and redundant water supply that serves to fill the Cooper Mountain Reservoirs and the residents in the City's upper elevations. ASR enables the city to meet short-term peak water demand during the summer, helping to delay the need to purchase water, and delay the need to build capital improvements for additional water treatment and storage.

Project Image(s)

CIP 4021H Project Map for area near SW Kemmer Dr between 190th and 175th Avenues.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).