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CIP 3522 - Library Fountain Improvements

Status: Current project

Project Category: Civic

Project Estimated Cost: $3,200,000

Project Description

Repair and replace elements within the fountain and relocate the underground plumbing within an existing vault to an above ground structure located adjacent to the fountain.


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Project Manager(s)

Aaron Lee, 503-526-2446

Project Schedule

FY16-17: Walker Macy selected as consultant in Jan 2017. 2-7-17: Walker Macy fee proposal approved by staff. 3-21-17: Contract awarded to Walker Macy for design services. Begin design.
FY17-18: Continue design and develop cost estimate. Design by Walker Macy continues.
FY18-19: Continue design and final cost estimate and begin Land Use Application. The new above ground equipment building will be located where the swing sets are currently. A new swing set will be installed near the play structure under the pine tree canopy.
FY19-20: Complete Land Use Type 3 application and complete design; funding for construction will be accomplished with a multi-year reserve fund.
FY 20-21: Finalize design and begin Construction
FY 21-22: Complete Construction

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Project Justification

The plumbing within the fountain requires excessive repair and replacement. The fountain was installed in 1999 and many of the spray heads and connecting plumbing have corroded to the point of failure. The underground vault is not waterproof, requires more manpower to access than an above ground structure, and has also experienced the need for a higher level of maintenance over the past four years.

The fountain is a very popular destination especially during the summertime; however, the frequency of required shutdowns for maintenance is frustrating for both the public, who want to use the facility, and City staff, who must spend excessive hours working on the facility rather than on the City's potable water system.

Project Image(s)

CIP 3522 Project Map for area bounded by SW Watson Ave, 4th St, 5th St and Hall Blvd.

Architectural rendering of updated City Park Fountain and surrounding green space.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).