Capital Improvement Projects

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).        

CIP 3410A - Beaverton Creek Trail (On-Street from King Blvd to Lombard Ave)

Status: Completed project

Project Category: Transportation

Project Estimated Cost: $18,000

Project Description

This project will provide shared lane markings (sharrows) and signage for bike boulevards on King Blvd, Alger Ave, 11th St, 5th St and Lombard Ave to the Beaverton Transit Center.


Signing and striping; complete after CIP 3410 is complete

Project Manager(s)

Jabra Khasho, 503-526-2221

Project Schedule

FY17-18: Waiting completion of CIP 3410 (Shared Use Path along Denney Rd (King Blvd-Fanno Creek Trailhead).
FY18-19: 2-21-19: Described project to Vose NAC. Complete project after the completion of CIP 3410. Work will be done by City Forces.
FY19-20: Complete work in the summer of 2019.

Project Justification

This project connects the Fanno Creek Trail with the Beaverton Creek Trail through downtown Beaverton via the Vose and Central Beaverton neighborhoods.

This project is one segment of the planned Beaverton Creek Trail, which extends from Fanno Creek to the THPRD Boundary near 185th Ave and supports Comprehensive Plan Goals 6.2.1 (policy g), 6.2.2 (policies a-e), 6.2.3 (policies d and e), 6.2.5 (policy a), and 6.2.7 (policy a); and TSP Action Plan (Table 6-1) Project #71.

This project responds to Community Vision Action Plan #54 upgrade trails to include lighting & better connectivity and #88 connect parks and green spaces with trails/bike routes.

Project Image(s)

CIP 3410A Project Map for SW Denney Rd, King Blvd, Lee Ave, Alger Ave, 5th St, Lombard Ave to Center St.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).