Capital Improvement Projects

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).        

CIP 3329 - Murray Blvd/Allen Blvd Intersection Improvement

Status: Current project

Project Category: Transportation

Project Estimated Cost: $5,080,000

Project Description

Capacity improvements at the Murray Blvd/Allen Blvd intersection that may include additional left turn lanes, right turn lanes, and bike lanes depending on the results of the public involvement process and traffic analysis. Depending how far east the project will extend, a 5 lane arterial cross section could be required up to 141st Ave and potentially a signal at 141st Ave. One recommendation is that the westbound turn lanes should be extended east of the driveway to the shopping center to improve safety.

Project Manager(s)

Jabra Khasho, 503-526-2221
Sing Chau, 503-526-2351

Project Schedule

FY17-18: Jan 2018 - collected traffic data; FY 18-19: Project on hold pending development of a public involvement plan that will result in a scope of work that is in the best public interest.
FY 19-20: Develop public involvement plan and complete project scoping and planning level cost.

Project Justification

Intersection experiences long delays during peak hours which causes motorists to find alternate routes primarily on neighborhood streets.

This project supports Comprehensive Plan Goals 6.2.2 (policies b and e), 6.2.3 (policies b and c), 6.2.4 (policy f), 6.2.5 (policy a); 6.2.6 (policies a, c and d) and 6.2.7 (policy a) and TSP Action Plan (Table 6-1) Project 709.

Project Image(s)

CIP 3329 Project Map of SW Allen Boulevard transportation project between SW Murray Boulevard and SW 141st Street.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).