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CIP 3201 - Washington Square Adaptive Signal System

Status: Current project

Project Category: Transportation

Project Estimated Cost: $836,000

Project Description

This is a State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) project that is primarily funded with Federal funds with a local match paid by Washington County. The City will not provide any funding for this project; therefore, no funding source data is shown. The intent of the project is to upgrade the existing traffic signal control software on Scholls Ferry Rd between Hall Blvd and Roy Rogers Rd to an adaptive signal control system.

Adaptive traffic control is a traffic management strategy in which traffic signal timing changes, or adapts, based on actual traffic demand. This is accomplished using an adaptive traffic control system consisting of both hardware and software.

Project Manager(s)

Jabra Khasho, 503-526-2221
Tina Nguyen, 503-526-2426

Project Schedule

FY15-16 and FY16-17: Begin IGA process with ODOT and WASHCO.
FY17-18: Draft IGA completed.
FY18-19: Continue to try and get IGA completed. ODOT has concern that funding is insufficient. FY19-20 Complete IGA, select consultant and begin design.
FY22-23: Complete design and construction.

Project Justification

SW Scholls Ferry Rd is a major east/west corridor that serves the Washington Square area and south Beaverton. The area transportation network is split between multiple jurisdictions, including Beaverton, Tigard, Washington County and Oregon Department of Transportation. Managing highly variable traffic volumes particularly at over capacity intersections has been challenging. The corridor experiences excessive delay and poor vehicle progression.

The new adaptive traffic signal control system provides cycle-by-cycle optimization of cycle length, splits and offsets in real time. The system collects real time traffic data and can detect variations in traffic volumes and react accordingly to the situations. The system will coordinate the area multi-jurisdictional traffic signals into one system. Recent installations of adaptive traffic signal systems in our region have shown reductions of overall delays of up to 20 percent.

This project responds to Community Vision Action Plan # 47 - Implement solutions to reduce traffic congestion and #52 - Use signals to improve safety.

Project Image(s)

CIP 3201 Project Map for SW Scholls Ferry Road transportation project between SW Hall Boulevard and SW Roy Rogers Road.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).