Capital Improvement Projects

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).        

CIP 3106A - Menlo Dr (Allen Blvd to Fairmount Dr) Sidewalk

Status: Completed project

Project Category: Transportation

Project Estimated Cost: $2,264,000

Project Description

Design and construct a curb and sidewalk along the east side of Menlo Dr from Fairmount Dr to Allen Blvd. The project also includes storm drainage and associated water quality improvements. The replacement of the existing street lighting system is also included. The undergrounding of overhead utilities is not included. Public and private utilities may also be affected. The cost per foot for a 5-foot wide sidewalk separated from the curb by a 7.5-foot wide water quality swale is $596 which includes design and construction. The current total estimated cost is $2,264,000 for 3,600 feet of sidewalk (one side of the street only). The total cost estimate is as follows: Engineering - $491,000; ROW - $118,000; and Construction - $1,655,000.

Project Manager(s)

Luke Pelz, 503-526-2466

Project Schedule

4-21-16: Discussed selection criteria and schedule for FY16-17 with CIP Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC narrowed their recommendation to 1) 141st Ave (Allen Blvd to Berthold St and Berthold St to 142nd Ave) 2) Menlo Dr (Allen Blvd to Berthold St and Berthold St to Fairmount Dr), and 3) Nora Rd (Powerline Trail to 15865 Nora Rd).
5-9-16: CAC selected Menlo Dr (Allen Blvd to Berthold St and Berthold St to Fairmount Dr) as their top priority.
6-21-16: Council approved the entire length of Menlo Dr from Allen Blvd to Fairmount Dr.

7-6-16: RFP advertised.
8-2-16: 5 proposals received.
8-23-16: 3J Consulting notified that it was highest ranked consultant.
11-7-16: Contract signed with 3J Consulting.
2-21-17: 30% design completed and recommendation provided to City on preferred alignment with cost estimate.
4-24-17: Open House 1.
5-3-17: East side alignment confirmed as preferred alignment. FY17-18:
9-12-17: Walking tour with City department managers.
10-26-17: 60% design complete.
12-5-17: Council approved Intent to Acquire resolution.
Jan-May 2018: Acquire ROW from 31 properties.
1-26-18: TCE package mailed to 20 properties.
2-12-18: Universal Field Services (ROW agent) began acquisition of right of way on 13 properties.
5-7-18: Right of way acquisition complete and began work on 90% plans.

FY 18-19: 8-1-18: Final plans completed. 8-15-18: Project advertised. 8-22-18: Mandatory pre bid meeting. 9-14-18: Bids opened. Wildish Standard Paving the low bid. 9-18/19: Rich's Tree Service removed 19 trees. 10-2-18: Council awarded construction contract. 10-22-18: Pre construction meeting held. 11-5-18: Rich's Tree Service removed 3 trees. 11-28-18: 1st Note (project start date). 1-31-19: 20% complete. 2-13-19: CCO 1 approved in the amount of $74,242 for additional CIPP services. 7-8-19: Project Complete. 7-31-19: Project accepted. 9-25-19: As-built drawings received from 3J.

Project Justification

This project responds to a Council Priority established in 2016 to include sidewalk projects in the CIP and to Community Vision Action Plan (CVAP) #48 install safe sidewalks and pedestrian lighting citywide and #49 create safe routes to schools. It is part of a multi-year program to expand the City's sidewalk network and fill connectivity gaps.

This project supports Comprehensive Plan Goals 6.2.1 (policy g), 6.2.2 (policies a-h), 6.2.3 (d and f), 6.25 (policy a); TSP Action Plan (Table 6-1) Project #’s 142, 514, 515, 48, 110, 143, and 171; and the City’s Pedestrian Master Plan (Figure 6.1).

Project Image(s)

CIP 3106A Project Map for SW Menlo Drive transportation project between SW Farmington Road and SW Allen Boulevard.

Funding Plan for CIP 3106A Menlo Drive Sidewalk FY2016-2017 through FY2019-2020.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).