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In a criminal case, restitution can only be ordered by the court upon the conviction of the defendant. The judge makes the final determination on the amount to order based upon the defendant’s ability to repay. Restitution cannot be ordered in a criminal proceeding for general, non-specific or civil damages.

requiredAre you requesting restitution?

To request restitution, the Beaverton City Attorney must have documented loss. Please forward your information by fax: 503-350-4033 or mail c/o Beaverton City Attorney’s Office: PO Box 4755, Beaverton, OR 97076.

requiredMerchants - Merchandise damaged or stolen: Are you seeking restitution? 

** Notice to Merchants **

Based upon existing case law, you are entitled to recover the wholesale value of the merchandise. You will no longer be able to claim the retail price of the stolen merchandise. In addition to the wholesale value, if you suffered an actual loss of profit resulting from the theft, you are entitled to recover that value provided you demonstrate the existence and the amount of such lost profits with reasonable certainty; speculation as to the amount of lost profits is not recoverable.
You must provide documentation as to the wholesale values and loss of profit. To submit this documentation you may fax it to Beaverton City Attorney’s Office 503-350-4033 or by mail to Beaverton City Attorney’s Office, Victim Services, PO box 4755, Beaverton OR 97076.

List property stolen and not recovered by police. Be sure to provide documentation to support amounts.

** Please note the civil demand some stores impose cannot be requested as restitution.

requiredOther - Property damaged or stolen (not merchandise): Are you seeking restitution? 

requiredHas your company filed a claim with your Insurance? 

List property damaged as a result of the defendant’s alleged criminal activity. You may use resources like Craig’s list or Kelly Blue Book to validate amounts.

To submit this documentation you may fax it to Beaverton City Attorney’s Office 503-350-4033 or by mail to Beaverton City Attorney’s Office, Victim Services, PO box 4755, Beaverton OR 97076

Corporations Not Eligible for Victim Rights

Corporations (Examples: Walmart, Sears, Lowe’s) are not considered victims and not eligible for victim rights [Oregon Constitution Article 1 Section 42, subsection 6c, defines “Victim” as any person determined by the prosecuting attorney or the court to have suffered direct financial, psychological or physical harm as a result of a crime.]

Is your Company a Sole Proprietorship or a Partnership?
Sole Proprietorship
Owned and run by one natural person and in which there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business
Operation between two or more individuals who share management and profits

Victim Rights

As a victim of crime in Oregon, you have legal rights. Many of these rights go into effect automatically and can be found in the “Victims’ Rights Guide.” However, some rights you must request before they go into effect. A victim, the victim’s attorney or if the victim requests, the city attorney at his or her discretion, may assert and enforce these rights on your behalf. [Oregon Constitution Art. 1. Sec. 42(4)].

Please check the box in front of any of the right(s) (listed below) you are requesting.
Return this form or contact the Beaverton City Attorney’s office immediately if you want to exercise any of these rights. If you do not wish to assert any rights at this time, please indicate on the form and return it promptly. Failure to return the form may require a follow-up phone call to confirm that you have received this information. If you ever change your mind and decide that you do want to exercise rights that you didn’t yet request, please contact the appropriate office and they will work with you to exercise the rights if that is still possible. The city attorney’s office may require your participation if your case goes to trial even if you do not wish to receive additional information about the rights or to exercise them. You may request:

(format: 503-999-9999 or as 10-digit number)

(format: 503-999-9999 or as 10-digit number)


A copy of the final judgment will be sent to the agency listed above via the contact information provided.

You have the following general rights as a crime victim:

  • You can receive notice of critical hearings.
  • You can attend open court proceedings.
  • You can ask for a copy of a transcript or recording of open court proceedings if one is already made. You will need to pay for the copy.
  • You can get criminal history information about the defendant.
  • Your “personal identifiers” will usually be protected.
  • You can request to withhold your address and phone number from an adult defendant.
  • You can refuse to speak to an attorney or private investigator for the defendant.
  • In a DUII case, you may ask for information given to the defendant be shared with you.
  • You have the right to express your views at sentencing, in person or in writing.

The services provided by the Beaverton City Attorney’s Office are:

  • Prosecution of criminal charges.
  • Access to victims’ rights and advocacy.
  • Access to restitution information and advocacy.
  • Courtroom advocates for Trial advocacy.
  • Referrals to community partners for restraining/stalking orders.
  • Assistance in completing Crime Victim Compensation Applications.

The following are the major steps in a criminal misdemeanor case:

Arraignment, Pretrial, Case Settlement, Trial, and Sentencing.

Jail Terms:

See our information on VINE-Victim Information and Notification Everyday.

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