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by Stephanie Garber
  • Three stars
    Give it a try, if you have the time.
    I really wanted to like this sequel to Caraval. Even though I had some issues with Caraval, namely the writing style and toxic male characters, the magic of the game of Caraval was intriguing enough for me to eagerly anticipate more in Legendary. The magic, intrigue, and high stakes were all present in Legendary, with even more heart-pounding moments of suspense, but the issues I had with Caraval were more prevalent as well. First, I find the writing style to be overly colorful. The metaphors are borderline nonsensical and very prevalent. In my opinion, they distract me from the emotions of the scene rather than enhance them. Example: He tasted like exquisite nightmares and stolen dreams, like the wings of fallen angels, and bottles of fresh moonlight. I also deeply disliked Dante. Such a liar and so, so toxic with his affection. I can't believe Tella still found it desirable. Despite the negatives, I loved Tella's POV! Though unhealthy, I really enjoyed digging deep into why she kisses so many boys without regards to her own self-worth. I was proud to watch her grow stronger as she sets off to find her mother, protect her sister, and navigate an almost-love triangle. The first plot twist wasn't surprising, but the next one was... and then the book ended on a cliffhanger. Would I read the final book in the series? Maybe as an audiobook so I can do other things at the same time. Would I recommend that you read Legendary? Only if you were a big fan of Caraval.
    Amanda Y Just Graduated