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Your Life in Color

by Dougall Fraser
cover: Your Life in Color
  • Five stars
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    I'm so in love with this book! Dougall Fraser's Your Life in Color covers his metaphysical work in seeingworking with colors, as well as how to see them yourself or cultivating the 'power' behind each color in your every day life. This book is so interesting to me because it combines spirituality with psychology it's no mystery that color psychology is inevitably real how we see, perceive, and even behave based on the colors in our environment, and Dougall Fraser even more so lifts the veil between the worlds that divide psychology, metaphysics, science, and fact. I recommend this book to anyone interested in pseudoscience, metaphysics, the study of color and auras, as well as anyone who simply wants to expand their perception of what is real, and the things that may be seen just beyond our physical sight.
    Madison S. 17