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The Uncommoners: The Crooked Sixpence

by Jennifer Bell
  • Four stars
    Put this on your must read list!
    This is a brilliant book that is perfect for people who arr or were Harry Potter fans and for those who are intrigued by objects with mysticalextra functions maybe Mr. Weasley would like to read this book, this book is about two kids, Ivy and Seb Sebastian Sparrow who find themselves in an odd marketplace, Lundinor, that seem to sell regular objects but they seem to have more than one function. By undoing the wire of a paperclip, they turn into handcuffs, lemon squeezers provide light instead of light bulbs, colanders provide Lundinor with fresh air, a yo-yo, when spun can create whirlwinds, and people travel by jumping into bags! This book has marvelous surprises from buttons that heal ailments to a secret conspiracy plotting to steal andor get objects or an object to increase their powercontrol the world. This is a pretty cool book because it doesn't drift too far away from reality like some books and everything, including the objects that the Dirge the conspiracy are looking for have roots in mythology and ancient history, for example, in the next book the Dirge are trying to find the Jar of Shadows which was actually the same object as Pandora's Box. Also suggested: rest of the trilogy, the Alchemyst, HARRY POTTER
    Siri K Grade 9