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The Oregon Pilot’s Association, 1937 or 1938. Standing (left to right) – Tom Story, Volney Briggs, Charlie Bernard, Fred Miller, Myron Buswell, Holly Fletcher , Bud Gall, Eugene L. "Roy" Cooper. Kneeling (left to right) – Walt Rupprecht, G. Thurston, Bob Sturges, George Yates, Jimmy Gaston, Gene Pulcifer. The airplane is a Cirrus Mark III powered Student Prince that belonged to Jimmy Gaston. These man were pioneers of Oregon aviation and home-built aircraft industry.

The person identified here as Holly Fletcher is identified as "Red" Smock in the materials left by Myron Buswell at the Oregon Aviation Historical Society. The clothing, leather helmet and goggles are typical of Holly as are the glasses: he had poor eyesight.

ID 31: Boys of Bernard Field

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