Historical Photo Gallery

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The City of Beaverton’s collection of more than 300 historic photographs is now available through the City’s Web site.

This collection depicts the growth of the City, individuals, transportation, businesses, cultural events and the industrial and agricultural development of the area. This photo gallery also includes contemporary photos of historical landmarks taken within the last few decades.

By viewing this searchable online archive of still images, people can have access to high- and low-resolution photographs which can add to their enjoyment of history.

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To view the photo gallery you have the choice of either entering text to search on or browsing any category below:

Help Us Identify Historical Photographs

Horse-drawn buggy on Canyon Road

We would like to invite you to participate in helping us identify some of the photographs that we do not have information on. If a photograph does not have a description, a link will be available for you to fill out an online form describing the photograph.

View Unidentified Photos

If you have additional information about a photogragh that has been identified, click on the link "Tell Us More about Photo" next to the image, then complete the form.

The City is not aware of any copyrights asserted over these pictures. If you know otherwise, please contact us with copyright details: citymail@BeavertonOregon.gov.

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