The Regular Meeting of the Beaverton City Council was called to order by Mayor Rob
Drake in the Forrest C. Soth Council Chambers, 4755 SW Griffith Drive, Beaverton,
Oregon, on Monday, September 8, 2003, at 6:34 p.m.
Present were Mayor Drake, Couns. Betty Bode, Dennis Doyle, Forrest Soth and Cathy
Stanton.  Coun. Fred Ruby was excused.  Also present were Chief of Staff Linda Adlard,
City Attorney Alan Rappleyea, Assistant Finance Director Shirley Baron-Kelly, Community
Development Director Joe Grillo, Engineering Director Tom Ramisch, Operations/
Maintenance Director Gary Brentano, Library Director Ed House, Police Chief David
Bishop, and Deputy City Recorder Catherine Jansen.
Mayor Drake proclaimed September, 2003, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
Mayor Drake proclaimed September 11, 2003, Patriot Day, in remembrance of the events
of September 11, 2001.
There were none.
Coun. Bode said she and Coun. Stanton attended the Krispy Kreme ribbon cutting
ceremony on August 25, 2003, at 5:15 a.m.  She said the traffic was very well managed
and the opening was enjoyable.  She noted she donated the donuts that were given to
her; she also noted that Coun. Stanton delivered donuts to various non-profit agencies
that morning.    
Coun. Bode reported on August 30, 2003, she went on a canoeing outing with the Metro
Council to increase the awareness of Goal 5.  She explained they canoed from Durham
past the Stafford area; that section of the river was open to canoes and boats with small
Coun. Bode said she also attended a two day workshop sponsored by the Northwest
Association of Architects on Open and Green SpacesPlanning for Urbanization, which
was very interesting and well attended.    
Mayor Drake said he heard KATU’s news coverage of the Krispy Kreme opening and
there were some comments on the number of police used to direct traffic.  He said it was
well covered that the City would be reimbursed by Krispy Kreme for the police officers’
time.  He explained the officers who handled the coverage were working overtime; no one
was taken off regular duty to accommodate the coverage.  He complimented Chief Bishop
and his staff for their proactive approach in handling this event.  He asked if the traffic
coverage was still being provided.  
Chief Bishop said the officers and cones were being removed from that location now.  He
said for the most part the community was very appreciative of how this was handled.  
Coun. Soth explained the City had been involved with the Regional Water Consortium
Group for several years, which focused on developing a regional water supply plan that
was not yet completed.  He said at last week’s meeting it was decided to continue this
effort to find a regional solution.  He said all the water providers in the Portland area were
committed to continuing this effort.    
Coun. Soth said for the last 3 ½ years he served on the Tri-County Building Industry
Service Board and in 1999, through Senate Bill 512, they were able to conform the
building permit procedures throughout the Tri-County area.  He explained this year, as
result of Senate Bill 906, that effort was extended State-wide by the legislature.  He said
the members were pleased with the outcome.
Couns. Doyle and Stanton commended Chief Bishop and the City on their proactive
approach for handling the traffic for the opening of Krispy Kreme.  They both noted they
received positive comments from citizens about how well it was handled.  
There were none.
Coun. Doyle MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Soth, that the Consent Agenda be approved
as follows:
Authorize Acceptance of the FY03 State Domestic Preparedness Equipment Program
Grant Awarded to the City of Beaverton and Establish a Budget for the Homeland Security
Grant Program Through a Specific Purpose Grant Budget Adjustment Resolution
(Resolution No. 3730)
Authorization of Reimbursement to Beaverton School District No. 48 for Extra-Capacity
Waterline Improvements on SW Second Street Associated with the Beaverton High
School Cafeteria Project.
Authorize Intergovernmental Agreement for MSTIP3 Safety Improvement Project on
Murray Boulevard Between Allen Boulevard and Davis Road
Establish Operations Manager 2 Classification
Liquor License Applications:  The Best Bet and Typhoon! 
CPA 2003-0006/ZMA 2003-0008  8635 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway Land Use Map
Amendment and Zoning Map Amendment
Boards and Commissions Appointment  (Bicycle Advisory Committee: David Brown)
Contract Review Board:
Contract Award - Processing, Printing and Mailing Utility Billing Statements
Bid Award – Traffic Signal Installation at Cedar Hills Boulevard and Fairfield Street,
Sidewalk and Utility Improvement Project
Question called on the motion.  Couns. Bode, Doyle, Soth and Stanton voting AYE, the
MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  (4:0)
Coun. Doyle MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Stanton that Council approve the fee waiver
request from Felix Rosch as noted in the memorandum to Council from Mayor Drake
dated September 4, 2003, to waive the $540 Tree Removal Fee (for trees on his property
at 3495 SW 110th Avenue, File No. CDEF 2003-955).  Couns. Bode, Doyle, Soth and
Stanton voting AYE, the MOTION CARRIED unanimously. (4-0)
Second Reading:
Rappleyea read the following ordinances for the second time by title only:
2003 Omnibus Development Code Text Amendment (TA 2003-0003) (Ordinance No.
An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 4187, Figure III-1, The Comprehensive Plan Land
Use Map and Ordinance No. 2050, The Zoning Map for a Portion of Property Located at
4985 SW Laurelwood Avenue; CPA 2003-0002/ZMA 2003-0002  (Ordinance No. 4266)
An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 4187, Section 3.14 Matrix and Figure III-6; CPA 2003-
0008 Corridor Multiple Use Comprehensive Plan Amendment (Ordinance No. 4267)
An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map as to Twelve Properties Generally Located
Along SW Murray Boulevard South of Osprey Drive, ZMA 2003-0010 (Ordinance No.
Coun. Soth MOVED, SECONDED by Coun.  Stanton, that the ordinances embodied in
Agenda Bills 03193, 03194, 03195 and 03196, now pass.  Roll call vote.  Couns. Bode,
Doyle, Soth and Stanton voting AYE, the MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  (4:0)
There being no further business to come before the Council at this time, the meeting was
adjourned at 6:52 p.m.
Catherine L. Jansen, Deputy City Recorder
Approved this ________ day of ______________, 2003.
Rob Drake, Mayor