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The Regular Meeting of the Beaverton City Council was called to order by Mayor Rob
Drake in the Forrest C. Soth Council Chambers, 4755 SW Griffith Drive, Beaverton,
gon, on Monday, May 5, 2003, at 6:35 p.m.
Present were Mayor Drake, Couns. Betty Bode, Dennis Doyle, Fred Ruby, Forrest Soth
and Cathy Stanton.  Also present were City Attorney Mark Pilliod, Finance Director Patrick
O’Claire, Community Development Director Joe Grillo, Engineering Director Tom
Ramisch, Human Resources Director Sandy Miller, Operations/Maintenance Director Gary
Brentano, Library Director Ed House, Police Chief David Bishop, Transportation Engineer
Randy Wooley, Senior Planner Margaret Middleton, Building Official Brad Roast
Economic Development Manager Janet Young, CDBG Program Coordinator Michael
Parkhurst and City Recorder Sue Nelson.
Robert Mixon, Beaverton, Vice Chair, Beaverton B.I.K.E. Task Force, thanked the City
Council for the opportunity to speak and thanked staff members Randy Wooley and
Margaret Middleton for their assistance.  He said he recently attended an ODOT
Beaverton Hillsdale Highway rejuvenation project had
bicycle facilities.  He said he questioned if this was a rejuvenation or reconstruction project
and said he also heard it referred to as a modernization project.  He said a member of the
ODOT community suggested he bring this to City Council
improvements were
it might be useful to have the Council submit
a recommendation
for bicycle lanes.  He said they waited thirty years for this road to be
ed and it would
be a shame to have to wait another thirty years for this opportunity.
the Engineering
to explain what
about the project and if additional right
way was included to add bicycle lanes.
Engineering Director Tom Ramisch explained
project was an overlay and it was
ith the City’s Project Manager Pete Davis
was the liaison on the project. 
He said to staff’s knowledge
strictly a maintenance project with restoration
patching on isolated areas where the pavement failed. 
id to his knowledge there
would not be any
widening or additional
elements in this project.
Transportation Engineer Randy Wooley explained a few portions of Beaverton Hillsd
Highway were wider due to development, where
ditional right
way was given. 
said additional right
as required to add bicycle lanes along most of the highway
He explained when bicycle lanes were added it usually involved full street improveme
required additional right
increased the cost significantly.  
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Beaverton City Council
May 5, 2003
Coun. Stanton asked
ODOT reclassified the project as a modernization project. 
xplained ODOT added the word modernization instead of reconstruction but it was
not reflected in ODOT’s interpretation of the ORS st
ODOT used the terms
interchangeably.  He said there were two sections where bicycle lanes could be included;
between the County line and Fred Meyer, and on a three
block section east from Jamison. 
He said ODOT engineers said this was not a simple overlay project as
poles were
being moved to meet
said these were the “gray” areas. 
Coun. Stanton asked if an overlay was a preservation or modernization project.
Wooley explained an overlay was a preservation/major maintenance project
the area between Fred Meyers and the County line was outside the City limits. 
Ramisch confirmed this was a preserv
tion project with some restoration of the curb
Coun. Soth said he thought that within most of the right
narrower than what ODOT normally required.
Ramisch explained this had not been an issue for the City so staff was not sure if this was
the case.
Coun. Soth noted the lanes were very narrow and it would not be possible to incl
another ten feet for bicycle lanes at this time.
Ramisch confirmed that was correct.
Mixon suggested eliminating the middle turn lanes to accommodate the bicycle lanes.
Drake said staff would speak with ODOT about this project.  He noted they were
the design phase and it would be a good time to see if this could be accomplished. 
Coun. Stanton reminded everyone that Volunteer Recognition Night would be
9, 2003, at 7:00 p.m., in the Council Chambers. 
Drake noted radio personality Tony Martinez would be the Master of Ceremonies
d the Mayors Prayer Breakfast was Wednesday, May 7, 2003, at 7:00
at the Greenwood Inn.  She explained this was sponsored by a group of
businessmen in the area and not by any local jurisdiction
She noted anyone was
welcome to attend.
Coun. Ruby
concern that the Mayors Prayer Breakfast of Washington
as a religious service
he did not
it was appropriate for anyone a
on behalf of
to promote attendance to this function.  He agreed with Coun.
Stanton that this was not a
explained he wrote a letter to Mayor Drake
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Beaverton City Council
May 5, 2003
voicing his concerns.  He explained his concerns were that this program was insensitive to
Christian citizens of the community and that under a recent Federal court decision
(Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast of East Point Georgia) it was found that the constitutionality of
doubtful and
me unconstitutional if there was any City
promotion of the event.  He offered to provide a copy of his letter to anyone interested. 
Finance Director Patrick O’Claire explained the budget document would be available to
Council this Friday. 
Economic Development Manager Janet Young
about the Community Development
Block Grant (CDBG)
HOME Programs in Beaverton.  She explained t
Agenda items related to these topics (Agenda Bills 03100
nd 03101) and staff wanted to
provide further background to Council.  She noted CDBG Project Coordinator Michael
Parkhurst was present to answer questions if needed. 
Young explained every five years Washington County produced a Consolidated
the CDBG Program that included the County and
illsboro and Beaverton
Also, each year the cities
(Consolidated Plan update)
Washington County and HUD.  She explained funding for the
based on
formation, the funding increased from $500,000 to $700,000. 
She said the Census showed the number of people in need in Beaverton had increased
She reviewed the major projects
with CDBG fund
which included, the Community
Center Addition,
Lombard Gardens street and drainage reconstruct
Neighborhood sidewalk construction.
Young reviewed
proposed CDBG and HOME projects for 2003:  1) Acquisition of a
enter:  The City would purchase an existing building on Longhorn Lane
currently leased
Community Action’s Head Start Program.  The property would be
using a HUD Section 108 loan
20% of cost would be paid by CDBG dollars,
the remaining 80% financed by HUD to be repaid from lease payments for
the bui
By acquiring the building, the City could lower the lease payments
rve more children,
term guarantee of a place for affordable child care in the community and
an asset that belonged to the City.  2) Affordable Housing Project: The City was proposing
to acquire property
central Beaverton area using CDBG funds.  The housing would
be developed by a private
oper.  3) Public Services: Maximum of 15% of CDBG
funding would be used for social services.  4) Housing Rehabilitation Program would
Young not
HOME Program
unding also increas
She said in the past the City
received HOME funding through Washington County as part of a consortium agreement. 
She explained a new consortium agreement with the County was being negotiated and
staff was recommending Option 3 which allowed the City to designate its projects and the
County would administer the program.  She reviewed the two projects proposed for
2003/2004:  1) $177,000 to be allocated for a senior housing project in the downtown
Bridge Project, a 15
housing project
low income
developmentally disabled adults being developed by the Tualatin Valley Housing Partners
City purchased this property in 2000 with CDBG funds and TVHP received a
HUD Section 108 loan for a
bones project.  The loan was for $80,000 per unit and
 - Minutes 4  d the City proposed adding upgrade thTidTVHP improvethe land a000 for off-, the City invested about   Soth  idtermites and dry r m   -heartedly  Mayor the CAHTask Force.     s anda huge impact in the          Soth     03100   03101   03102 - 516  03103 500  03104  3714)  03105 --H-2003-2004
Beaverton City Council
May 5, 2003
market rate to build a unit was $120,000.  She sai
$150,000 to
e units with more durable materials, so the project would fit in with the
he HUD loan program d
not allow a project to incur additional debt, so
could not obtain
a loan to
the project.  The only way to upgrade the
building was through grant funds.  She noted with
cquisition, the $150,000
upgrade and $63,
site improvements
$500,000 in this
project; total project cost was just under two million dollars.
noted the importance of the rehabilitation program as many people owned
their homes but d
not have the money to maintain them.  He explained he once went
with a HUD evaluator to inspect these homes and found a great deal of damage from
ot because there wasn’t any money for
aintenance.  He noted many
people in the City could qualify for these projects.  
Coun. Doyle said he whole
supported this program. 
Drake explained
ity participated on the
a few
years ago and was working with the County to meet the need for affordable housing
Ruby complimented Young on these program
on the Lombard Gardens
improvements.  He said these projects made
difference and
Coun. Stanton thanked Young for the presentation.
Coun. Doyle MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Ruby that the Consent Agenda be approved
as follows:
Minutes of Regular Meeting of March 17, 2003, and the Business Roundtable Meeting of
March 17, 2003.  Couns.
and Bode said they would abstain from voting on the
minutes as they were not at the meetings. 
Approval of the City of Beaverton 2003 Action Plan Submission to Washington County
Selection of HOME Program Option Under Washington County HOME Consortium
Traffic Commission Issues No. TC 513
Request for a De Novo Hearing on an Appeal of Traffic Commission Issue Number TC
A Resolution of Intent to Condemn Property for the Hall/Watson Beautification Project
(Resolution No.
Bid Award
Street Profiling Project for In
ouse Overlays, Fiscal Years 2002
2003 &
 - Minutes 5    03106   03107        03108 3715)  staffb permits.    .    Mayor     Mayor   MOA    the .    reconfirmedwa.           03098
Beaverton City Council
May 5, 2003
Contract Review Board:
Contract Renewal for Building Code Plan Review Services
Contract Award for Professional Services to Prepare an Affordable Housing Study,
Implementation Strategies and Metro Title 7 Compliance Report
Question called on the motion.  Couns. Bode, Doyle, Ruby, Soth and Stanton voting AYE,
the MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  (5:0)
Couns. Soth and Bode abstained from voting
on both sets of minutes for March 17, 2003, as they were not at the meetings.
Adopt Resolution Amending the Building Division Administrative Rules and Authorize
Implementation of an Administrative Appeal Filing Fee (Resolution No.
Coun. Stanton asked
if the appeal process
eing established was the same as the
appeal process for site development
Building Official Brad Roast replied it was
Drake opened the public hearing.
No one wished to testify.
Drake closed the public hearing.
Coun. Stanton
VED, SECONDED by Coun. Soth that the Council adopt the Resolution
mending the Building Division Administrative Rules and Authorize Implementation of an
Administrative Appeal Filing Fee (Agenda Bill 03108).
Coun. Stanton said knowing this was the same as the site development appeal process,
she felt confident
City’s policies were the same.  She noted this helped citizens
understand procedures
the process
s identical to the site development process
Question called on the motion.  Couns. Bode, Doyle, Ruby, Soth and Stanton voting AYE,
the MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  (5:0)
Second Reading:
Mayor Drake noted a May 2, 2003, memorandum from the City Attorney regarding
amendments needed on Ordinance No. 4252 (Agenda Bill 03099) before the second
City Attorney Mark Pilliod read the following ordinance for the second time by title only:
An Ordinance Amending Section 6.02.390 of the Beaverton Code Relating to the
Downtown Permit Parking District. (Ordinance No. 4251)
 - Minutes 6     03099 --   to the ordinancewerel:0)  a :
Beaverton City Council
May 5, 2003
Coun. Soth MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Stanton, that the ordinance embodied in
Agenda Bill 03098 now pass.  Roll call vote.  Couns. Bode, Doyle, Ruby, Soth and Stanton
voting AYE, the MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  (5:0)
An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 4187, The Comprehensive Plan, by Adopting the
Updated Chapter Six
Transportation Element and The Transportation System Plan
Update; CPA 2002
0014 (Ordinance No. 4252)
Coun. Soth MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Stanton, that the amendments
made since the first reading, be read in ful
, before final
action was taken.  Couns. Bode, Doyle, Ruby, Soth and Stanton voting AYE, the MOTION
CARRIED unanimously.  (5
Pilliod reviewed his memorandum of May 2, 2003, and noted four amendments were
needed to the ordinance.  He read the four
mendments in full.  The amendments were:
1) Table 6.3
Murray: Scholls Ferry to Barrows corrected from
lane extension
lane extension
to Walnut at Barro
Scholls Town Center
reference to
“transit collectors” was changed to “neighborhood route”; 3) Map Figure 6.6:
eference to
an extension between Beaverton Hillsdale Highway and Canyon Road
needed to be removed;  and 4)
In the area between Barrows and Scholls
Ferry Road,
pink lines indicating future roadways needed to be removed and the
dashed green line representing the Teal alignment needed to be adjusted to an easterly
direction.  He said these amendments would be made to the final ordinance. 
Pilliod read the following ordinance for the second time by title only.
An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 4187, The Comprehensive Plan, by Adopting the
Updated Chapter Six
Transportation Element and The Transportation System Plan
Update; CPA 2002
0014 (Ordinance No. 4252)
th MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Bode
hat the ordinance
Agenda Bill 03099, as revised by the amendments read by the City Attorney, now pass. 
Roll call vote.  Couns. Bode, Doyle, Ruby, Soth and Stanton voting AYE, the MOTION
CARRIED unanimously.  (5:0)
There being no further business to come before the Council at this time, the meeting was
adjourned at 7:35 p.m.
Sue Nelson, City Recorder
Approved this 16th
Rob Drake, Mayor