The Regular Meeting of the Beaverton City Council was called to order by Mayor Rob

Drake in the Forrest C. Soth Council Chambers, 4755 SW Griffith Drive, Beaverton,

Oregon, on Monday, September 9, 2002, at 6:35 p.m.


Present were Mayor Drake, Couns. Fred Ruby, Evelyn Brzezinski, Dennis Doyle, Forrest

Soth and Cathy Stanton.  Also present were Chief of Staff Linda Adlard, City Attorney

Mark Pilliod, Human Resources Director Sandra Miller, Assistant Finance Director

Shirley Baron-Kelly, Community Development Director Joe Grillo, Engineering Director

Tom Ramisch, Operations & Maintenance Director Gary Brentano, Police Chief David

Bishop, Library Director Ed House, City Recorder Sue Nelson.



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Coun. Soth explained that several senior citizens had concerns regarding street signage

particularly the name of a street at the next intersection on collectors and arterials.  He

noted that many seniors do not see well; he asked if the City could be more conscious of

the needs of seniors with street signage. 

Coun. Stanton noted there would be an open house on the Fanno Creek Trail Action

Plan tomorrow night at the Tigard Water District Auditorium on Durham Road.  She said

the Park District was presenting the planned improvements for that trail.  She said on

September 12, 2002, the City of Beaverton would be holding a Development Code Open

House, in the City Hall Council Chambers to provide citizens the opportunity to review

the recently revised Development Code.    

Coun. Doyle announced that the Police Activities League would be hosting its annual

funding raising auction on October 5, 2002, at the Nike Center; tickets were available by

calling the Executive Director Jill Showalter at 503-469-9137.    

Coun. Stanton added that this Saturday the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce would be

holding a Fine Arts & Wine Festival at the Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District’s

baseball fields at 158th and Walker, beginning at 12:00 p.m.  


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Presentation of Mayor’s Office Programs (Neighborhood Program and Municipal Code


Chief of Staff Linda Adlard introduced Neighborhood Program Manager Megan


Callahan explained the mission of the Neighborhood Program was to promote public

involvement in City government by working with the City’s Neighborhood Association

Committees (NACs), the Beaverton Committee for Citizen Involvement (BCCI) and the

City’s Boards and Commissions. She said the program provided and promoted public

involvement and educational opportunities on various issues.   She reviewed the special

events that the Neighborhood Program developed and sponsored, including the Biennial

Voters’ Forum, the Annual Neighborhood Cleanup each June, the Good Neighbor of the

Year Award, the Parade Theme Contest and the City Learning Series.  She noted the

Neighborhood Program also coordinated the public’s use of the Beaverton Community


Callahan reviewed future plans for the program, which included developing an electronic

notification system for the NACs and BCCI, training for staff liaisons and new members

to Boards and Commissions, rerunning the City Learning Series, developing a City role-

play exercise for the public and developing an on-line reservation system for the

Community Center.  

Coun. Brzezinski asked if the NAC’s had their own Web page. 

Callahan replied that half of the NACs had Web sites and the City’s Web Manager

Elzbieta Craig trained the members to setup and maintain the sites; some were linked to

the City’s Web site.  

Coun. Brzezinski asked about the attendance at the Learning Series.    

Callahan said that about ten to twenty-five attended each session.   

Coun. Soth stated that the City could be proud of how it has involved the citizens in

many ways, especially with the limited resources available.  He thanked staff for doing a

great job.  

Callahan noted the Voter’s Forum would be held on October 8 in the City Council

Chambers and broadcast live over TVTV.  

In response to Coun. Stanton’s question on the number of people who served on the

City’s Boards and Commission, Callahan estimated between 100 and 200 people.

Coun. Ruby noted the Community Center was a success and asked if the Library rooms

were available for citizens to reserve.   

Callahan explained that the Library Rooms were booked through the Mayor’s Office and

staff worked together to ensure meeting rooms were available when needed. 

Adlard reminded the Council that this program was funded at $260,000 this year and

staff worked hard to provide extensive resources with this funding.  

Adlard introduced the Municipal Code Services Program Manager George Fetzer.   She

briefly reviewed this program noting it was funded at $275,000 this year and it had been

a very busy program.  

Fetzer gave a slide presentation on the Code Services Program.  He noted the main

purpose of the program was to promote awareness and compliance with the Municipal

Code, which was done through various community education and awareness methods. 

He reviewed the presentations he made this year, in person and on Cable TVTV, and

the articles in the City newsletter and local papers.  He showed slides of the nuisances,

which included trash, abandoned vehicles, animal control and noxious vegetation.  He

explained the process the staff followed with Code cases.   He noted that plans for this

next year included a streamlined Abandoned Vehicles Program, a shopping cart

campaign to get store owners involved in the roundup of their stray shopping carts,

vacant lot cleanups, illegal signs cleanup, and public education campaigns.

Coun. Soth asked how far citizens could go in pulling up illegally placed signs. 

Adlard advised that citizens should call the Code Enforcement Office; this was to ensure

that the enforcement was correct and consistent and staff could inform  violators of the

sign regulations.  She noted that people may become upset when signs were removed,

which could cause an altercation; the best procedure was to contact Code Enforcement. 

She noted that signs were stored at City Hall for a short time and owners contacted; if

they were not picked up, they were discarded.  She also noted that staff conducted sign

sweeps on weekends.


Mayor Drake noted two proclamations:  

Always Remember 9-11 Day (September 11, 2002) 

Constitution Week (September 17-23, 2002)


Coun. Ruby  MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Doyle, that the Consent Agenda be

approved as follows:

Minutes of Regular Meeting of June 3, 2002.

A Resolution Adopting an Intergovernmental Agreement with Metro Regional

Government for Implementation of the Annual Waste Reduction Plan (Res. No. 3679)

Development Services Fee Schedule Update:

a)  A Resolution Superseding Res. No. 3514 and Establishing Fees for Planning

Permits, Appeals and Other Services Pursuant to Section 10.55 of the Beaverton

Development Code, Ordinance 2050 (Res. No. 3680);

b)  A Resolution Superceding Res. No. 3583 and Establishing In-lieu Fees for Utility

Underground and Tree Planting Mitigation Pursuant to Chapter 60 (Special Regulations)

of the Beaverton Development Code, Ord. 2050.  (Res. No. 3681)

Liquor Licenses (Pal-Do Company; Star Sushi Japanese Cuisine; The Beach Shack;

Marie Callender’s; Walker Road Chevron)

Traffic Control Board Issues 489 and 490

CPA 2002-0003 Knollhurst Condominiums and Hyland Hills Townhomes Land Use Map


CPA 2001-0013/RZ 2001-0014 SW Hocken Avenue/SW Jenkins Road Land Use Map

Amendment and Rezone

APP 2002-0010 Appeal of Hearthstone Cottages Subdivision (SB 2002-0003)  (No

appeal from Planning Commission’s Decision)

Contract Review Board:

Authorize Contract Change Order - Consultant Services for Hall-Watson Beautification


Waiver of Sealed Bidding – Lease of Storage Space for Police Property and Evidence

Coun. Doyle asked when the projects concerning  Agenda Bill 02262 would begin.  

Traffic Engineer Randy Wooley explained that all three traffic-calming projects would be

bid in the winter and constructed in the spring and summer.    

City Attorney Mark Pilliod referred to AB 02260 and confirmed that the motion to approve

included the new Exhibit 3, In-Lieu Fee Schedule.

Coun. Stanton noted that the bus stop at Greenway and Hall was not finished.

Engineering Director Tom Ramisch explained that the sidewalk was poured today and

the Project Engineer would contact Tri Met tomorrow to coordinate the opening of that

stop.  He said the goal was that it would open Wednesday.    

Question called on the motion.  Couns. Brzezinski, Doyle, Soth, Ruby, and Stanton

voting AYE, the MOTION CARRIED unanimously. (5:0)


Suspend Rules:

Coun.  Soth MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Doyle, that the rules be suspended, and

that the ordinance embodied in AB 02268 be read for the first time by title only at this

meeting, and for the second time by title only at the next regular meeting of the Council. 

Couns. Brzezinski, Doyle, Ruby, Soth, and Stanton voting AYE, the MOTION CARRIED

unanimously.  (5:0)

First Reading:

Pilliod read the following ordinance for the first time by title only:

An Ordinance Annexing Two Parcels Lying Generally Outside of the Existing City Limits

to the City of Beaverton; ANX 2002-0007 (285 NW 112th Expedited Annexation) (Ord.

No. 4226)

Second Reading:

Pilliod read the following ordinance for the second time by title only:

An Ordinance Repealing Beaverton City Code Chapter 2.03.070 – 2.03.076, Traffic

Control Board and Amending Chapter 6, Section 6.02.065 Traffic Issues Process (Ord.

No. 4225)

Coun. Soth MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Stanton that the ordinance embodied in AB

02257 now pass.  Roll call vote.  Couns. Brzezinski, Doyle, Ruby, Soth and Stanton

voting AYE, the MOTION CARRIED unanimously. (5:0)


There being no further business to come before the Council at this time, the meeting

was adjourned at 7:25 p.m.  


Sue Nelson, City Recorder


Approved this 21st day of October , 2002.


Rob Drake, Mayor