NOVEMBER 4, 2002


The Regular Meeting of the Beaverton City Council was called to order by Mayor Rob

Drake in the Forrest C. Soth Council Chambers, 4755 SW Griffith Drive, Beaverton,

Oregon, on Monday, November 4, 2002, at 6:35 p.m.


Present were Mayor Drake, Couns. Fred Ruby, Evelyn Brzezinski, Dennis Doyle, Forrest

Soth and Cathy Stanton.  Also present were Chief of Staff Linda Adlard, City Attorney

Mark Pilliod, Human Resources Director Sandra Miller, Finance Director Patrick

O'Claire, Community Development Director Joe Grillo, Engineering Director Tom

Ramisch, Operations/Maintenance Director Gary Brentano, Police Chief David Bishop,

Library Director Ed House, Program Manager Michael Milucci, and Deputy City Recorder

Catherine Jansen



Mayor Drake proclaimed November, 2002 as Mediation Month.


Presentation of Mayor’s Office Program (Dispute Resolution Center)

Chief of Staff Linda Adlard introduced Dispute Resolution Center Program Manager

Michael Milucci. 

Program Manager Michael Milucci distributed to Council an information packet

developed this year to advise citizens about the Mediation Program.  He explained the

majority of the Center’s work was handling mediation cases for neighbor-to-neighbor

interactions, victim offender, and manufactured dwelling parks.  He reviewed the current

goals that would include increasing presentations to outside groups, create greater links

to Washington County Animal Control and provide assistance to other agencies.  He

said they increased training sessions for manufactured dwelling parks, homeless

shelters, and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue.  He said last year the Center handled 255

mediation cases, 108 citizens and 563 middle-school students were trained on conflict

resolution, the staff gave 392 presentations, 1663 citizens were served, 1723 volunteer

hours and 300 internship hours were served.  

Milucci explained higher density increased clashes between lifestyles; the goal of conflict

resolution was to improve lifestyle.  He said they recently started using a new service-

delivery model that used volunteers in the day-to-day operations, which freed staff to do

more outreach and build the program components of the Center.  He said the goal was

to increase outreach and noted that training of volunteers and interns was proceeding;

20 new volunteers were trained this year.  He explained the future direction of the Center

was to: increase mediation services; provide greater outreach for seniors, low income

and multicultural groups; improve efficiency and productivity; increase scope of service,

increase community awareness and working with other agencies; and management of


Coun. Doyle asked about the length of presentations to other groups.

Milucci explained presentations were based on the groups’ requests; it could range from

a brief presentation about the program services to longer training sessions.

Coun. Doyle asked what school presentations covered.

Milucci explained that it was a one-hour program about services and training, including

active listening skills and role-playing on how children can resolve conflicts.  He said the

session went well and the goal was to schedule presentations at four schools this year.  

Coun. Brzezinski asked if the Police Department still conducted the course for apartment


Milucci said the goal this year was to work with Code Services to provide services to

apartment managers.

Coun. Soth asked how closely the Center worked with Washington County’s Department

of Aging And Veterans Affairs.  He said that in many cases these people needed help.  

Milucci explained they had some contact in the past and with the new volunteers the

goal was to provide outreach.  

Coun. Soth asked if the Center’s goals would lead into work outside of the City limits into

unincorporated Washington County.

Adlard explained that the City’s agreement with Washington County was to provide

services that the County did not have; the City would not duplicate services the County

provided.  She clarified that because the City received State funds from mediation

groups, it provided services to other agencies when there was a referral.  

Coun. Soth asked what staff saw in the future as density increased.

Adlard explained this program was designed to preserve the quality of life in the

neighborhood.  She said through the mediation process, neighbors resolved problems to

almost everyone’s satisfaction and still preserved neighborhood friendliness and

connections.  She agreed that as density increased, there would be more conflicts.  She

noted the City had the capacity to train as many volunteers as could be coordinated and

supervised.  She said she did not see this as an issue of not being able to handle the

work as density increased.  

Coun. Stanton asked what students were trained, other than the college interns.  

Milucci explained that the Highland Parks middle school students were trained.  He also

confirmed that the City had contracts with the City of Tigard, the Washington County

Probation Department, and the Manufactured Dwelling State Agency.  

Mayor Drake thanked him for the presentation.


There were none.


Coun. Soth reminded everyone of the League of Oregon Cities Conference and

business meeting this weekend in Portland.  

Coun. Stanton noted that on November 20, 2002, the Planning Commission would be

holding a work session concerning the Transportation Plan.  She said on November 19,

2002, ODOT would be hosting an Open House to solicit comments from citizens on

which projects to fund.    


Adlard noted that Dave Tongas, owner of West Beaverton Sanitary, was in the audience

and that Consent Agenda Item 02309 dealt with the transfer of the franchise from West

Beaverton Sanitary to Waste Management.  She asked that Council recognize Mr.

Tongas for the service he provided in Beaverton over the years.  

Dave Tongas addressed the Council and said it had been a pleasure working in

Beaverton.  He noted his family ran this business for 42 years and had many good

memories.  He thanked the City for working with them through the good and trying times.  

Mayor Drake and Couns. Soth and Doyle complimented and thanked Tongas for the

service that his company provided over the years, noting West Beaverton Sanitary went

above and beyond the call of duty and it was greatly appreciated.  They all wished him



Coun. Ruby MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Soth that the Consent Agenda be approved

as follows:

Minutes of Regular Meetings of August 12, September 23, September 30 and October 7,


A Resolution Consenting to the Transfer of the Beaverton Sanitary Service, Inc/West

Beaverton Sanitary Service, Inc. Franchise to Waste Management of Oregon

(Resolution No. 3686)

TPP 2002-0004 – Harn Partition Tree Preservation Plan

Contract Review Board:

Exemption from Competitive Bids – Contract Award of Professional Consulting Services

– Public Educational Materials

Coun. Brzezinski noted she would abstain from voting on the August 12, 2002,  and

September 23, 2002, minutes, as she was unable to attend those meetings.    

Coun. Stanton noted she had an addition to the minutes for August 12, 2002 and gave it

to the City Recorder.    

Coun. Stanton noted on the October 7, 2002 Minutes, page 5, Coun. Soth asked a

question, but the answer was not recorded.  She asked that the answer be added.  She

said on page 3, the public hearing on the use of the 2002 Local Law Enforcement Block 

Captain Ervin stated the purpose of the grant, she asked the City Recorder to verify his


Mayor Drake said the October 7, 2002, minutes would be pulled for additions/corrections

and brought back to the next meeting.  

Question called on the motion.  Couns. Brzezinski, Doyle, Ruby, Soth and Stanton

voting AYE, MOTION CARRIED unanimously (5:0); Coun. Brzezinski abstained on

approval of the minutes for August 12 and September 23, 2002.


Suspend Rules:

Coun.  Soth MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Stanton that the rules be suspended, and

that the ordinances embodied in AB  02312, AB 02313, AB 02314 and AB 02315 be

read for the first time by title only at this meeting, and for the second time by title only at

the next regular meeting of the Council.  Couns. Brzlezinski, Doyle, Ruby,  Soth and

Stanton voting AYE, the MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  (5:0)

First Reading:

City Attorney Mark Pilliod read the following ordinances for the first time by title only:

An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 4187, the Comprehensive Plan Map and

Ordinance No. 2050, the Zoning Map for Property Located on the East Side of Hocken

Avenue and South of Jenkins Road; CPA 2001-0013/RZ 2001-0014 (Ordinance No.


An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 4187, the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map,

By Redesignating Certain Properties to Best Fit with the Current Zoning (Knollhurst

Condos and Highland Hills Townhouse Estates); CPA 2002-0003  (Ordinance No. 4234)

An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 4187, the Comprehensive Plan Map and

Ordinance No. 2050, the Zoning Map for Property Located at 2090 SW Cedar Hills

Boulevard; CPA 2002-0012/RZ 2002-0023 (Ordinance No. 4235)

An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 4187, the Comprehensive Plan Map and

Ordinance No. 2050, the Zoning Map for Property Located at 4985 SW Laurelwood

Avenue; CPA 2002-0013/RZ 2002-0024  (Ordinance No. 4236)

Second Reading:

Pilliod read the following ordinances for the second time by title only:

An Ordinance Annexing Properties Lying Generally Outside of the Existing City Limits to

the City of Beaverton; ANX 2002-0011 (14305 SW Millikan Expedited Annexation) 

(Ordinance No. 4230)

An Ordinance Annexing Property Lying Generally Outside of the Existing City Limits to

the City of Beaverton; ANX 2002-0012 (2090 SW Cedar Hills Boulevard Expedited

Annexation)  (Ordinance No. 4231)

An Ordinance Annexing Property Lying Generally Outside of the Existing City Limits to

the City of Beaverton; ANX 2002-0013 (4985 SW Laurelwood Avenue Expedited

Annexation)  (Ordinance No. 4232)

Coun. Soth MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Doyle that the ordinances embodied in AB

02305, AB02306 and AB 02307 now pass.  Roll call vote.  Couns. Brzezinski, Doyle,

Ruby, Soth and Stanton voting AYE, the MOTION CARRIED unanimously. (5:0)

Coun.  Soth  MOVED, SECONDED by Coun.  Brzezinski that Council move into

executive session in accordance with ORS 192.660 (1) (h) to discuss the legal rights and

duties of the governing body with regard to litigation or litigation likely to be filed and in

accordance with ORS 192.660 (1) (d) to conduct deliberations with the persons

designated by the governing body to carry on labor negotiations.  Couns. Brzezinski,

Doyle, Soth, Ruby and Stanton voting AYE, the MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  (5:0)


Mayor Drake called for a recess at 7:21 p.m.


Mayor Drake reconvened the meeting at 7:30 p.m.


The executive session convened at 7:30 p.m.

The executive session adjourned at 8:02 p.m. 

The regular meeting reconvened at 8:02 p.m.

Coun. Soth MOVED, SECONDED by Coun. Stanton that Council authorize the City

Attorney to proceed with settlement of the Sprint PCS Case as discussed in executive

session.  Couns. Brzezinski, Doyle, Soth, Ruby and Stanton voting AYE, the MOTION

CARRIED unanimously.  (5:0)

Coun. Soth confirmed that staff would take the necessary steps to dismiss the case

before LUBA.  


There being no further business to come before the Council at this time, the meeting

was adjourned at 8:04 pm


Catherine L. Jansen, Deputy City Recorder


Approved this     16th      day of        December      , 2002.


Rob Drake, Mayor