Room Reservation System

Beaverton Community Center

Location: 12350 SW 5th Street, Suite 100
Information/Reservation Line: (503) 526-2649
Email Address:
Building Hours: Monday - Sunday  8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Community Center
Beaverton Community Center

The Beaverton Community Center (Center) provides affordable and centrally located meeting space for various community groups. Over 100 community groups and individuals, representing a diversity of interests and activities, utilize the Center.

The Center is managed by the City of Beaverton’s Community Services & Engagement Department located at The Beaverton Building, 12725 SW Millikan Way. There are no City staff present at the Center; therefore, it is locked at all times. Entry is permitted only when a reservation has been made.

An access key must be collected from The Beaverton Building in the Community Services & Engagement Department, on the 5th floor, at least two days before your reserved meeting time. You will need to bring a copy of your reservation confirmation email to ensure that a key will be issued.

User groups are expected to leave the room in good condition and according to the room arrangement diagrams. The Center operates on an honor system and we ask that user groups be considerate of other groups by:

  1. cleaning and leaving the room(s) properly arranged, and
  2. leaving on time.

User groups are responsible for bringing their own cleaning supplies, including brooms, mops, etc. Audiovisual equipment, computers, or easels are not provided. User groups are also responsible for bringing their own materials, including any extra tables or chairs needed above those already provided.

Map to the Beaverton Community Center

Parking Capacity

The Beaverton Community Center parking lot has a capacity of 40 spaces and 5 spaces for vehicles with disabled person parking placards or license plates.

Beaverton Community Center - Meeting Rooms