Apartment Calls for Service

Apartment Calls for Service also includes: Condominium, Townhome, Duplex, Triplex and Quadplex communities.

If your community is not listed, there is no data for your community at this time.

Recent apartment name changes and apartment complexes that are outside the City but had been included in the past.

The calls for police service listed are for three months, the most current three months available. The calls are only calls generated by the public where an incident number is assigned. A call generated by a police officer is not listed, therefore, it is not a complete list of calls for service and is for reference only. The calls may be 9-1-1 calls or calls to a non-emergency dispatch number. The call type is assigned by dispatch staff after hearing the nature of the community member’s concern. An officer may change the call type after investigating the incident.

Note: The number of calls for service included in this report does not imply that any one apartment community is “worse” than the others. Call for service information is only a relative measure of crime and other activity reported to the police and is not a measure of the safety or quality of the apartment community. These calls are matched to apartments by address, and addresses associated with calls may not always be accurate, and may not reflect the location of the incident reported. The table lists the approximate number of apartments in the complex in parentheses and a street name for approximate location, although many apartment complexes will have addresses on more than one street. When comparing the number of calls between apartments, the relative number of units should be taken into consideration.

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